Free-to-play browser game

«Gnome Nations» is a free online multi-player game, developed to bring you endless hours of fun and excitement. Colorful graphics, easy controls, non-linear gameplay and many different characters to choose from.

Peaceful farmer or a mighty warrior? Make your choice now!

«Gnomenations» game news


Dear players! We are pleased to welcome you to our new site. We hope you will enjoy it and will return again and again. If your a newcomer and would like to know more about this browser strategy game, visit our forum for more information which helps you get the feel for this magical world. Yours Sincerely, Kind and funny inhabitants of “Gnome...

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Tropical paradise

The sun shines bright, warm days has come and  friendly gnomes hurry to rejoice you with new sunny gift!

Give each other a good mood and stay with us!

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Speed up the construction!

Now all of the objects of construction have a «Speed Up» button for those who want to make it quickly!

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Dear players!

Constructing will not be instant and monotonous anymore. To construct a building, gnomes-builders have to work really hard! From the beginning, each player is given two builders, each of them can be engaged in the construction of one building. If you need more builders, you can hire them.

Construction process is divided into three steps,

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Happy Valentine Day!

Declaration of love with very special romantical presents, that we have prepared for you!

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