About us


We are the gnomes and we’d like to welcome you to our magical world!

«Gnome Nations» is a free online multi-player game, developed to bring you endless hours of fun and excitement. Colorful graphics, easy controls, non-linear gameplay and many different characters to choose from. Peaceful farmer or a mighty warrior? Make your choice now!

“Gnome Nations” is not only a game, but a full-fledged online community, where you can create your personal account or simply log in using your social networks profile. Build houses, police stations, parks – make your city look like no other. “Gnome Nations” is an online city with developed infrastructure, 3D imagery and chat. Season events and gifts will certainly be a nice addition to our world of magic, where you can meet a lot of funny animated characters like bazooka-armed Santa Claus, helmet-wearing Kolobok and flame-bursting Dragons.
Search for crimson rubies, collect and trade them to get extra powers, goodies and other valuable presents. Join our friendly online community with many gamers from all over the world! Build your own city and develop its economy, trade with other cities, declare wars and sign peace treaties, organize gangs, search for treasures – all these things are waiting for you and other gamers in the company of hilarious online characters. We’ve prepared many interesting contests, unexpected plot twists and a whole set of toy monsters!

We, the gnomes, are waiting for you here, in the exciting world of magic! We hope you like our free online strategy and enjoy your stay!

Sincerely yours,
Kind and funny inhabitants of “Gnome Nations” online game.